Who can design and develop a direct drive motor for my company?

Design & development of direct drive motors

In this article, we investigate some of the options involved with the design and development of a new direct drive motor or complete drive system. What are some of the considerations to be made when choosing the best path for development? Can you do much of the design and development yourself? Below are some of the options that could be considered.  

Fisher & Paykel Technologies partners with businesses who need customised smart drive systems. We help you design, build & manufacture solutions that deliver value to your customers.

Design consultancy

The product's core design is the foundation for the project and a good design consultancy can head up the overall design of the drive system for you. The testing and certification of the drive system is optional; however, it could be outsourced to dedicated test laboratories and certification institutes.  

Design and manufacturing service company

This type of company can handle the design, testing and certification aspects of the project, including sourcing and manufacturing of the drive system. Like a design consultancy, testing and certification could be outsourced to a third party.  

Co-development and manufacturing partner

This option could include design, testing, certification, integration, sourcing and the manufacturing of drive systems. Also, potentially the sub-systems around the drive systems and other controllers and sensors.  

Design and develop yourself

You could potentially hire the right talent or employ a fitting company to help you complete the design and development process yourself.


In some extreme cases, there are many companies which can be involved in the direct PD (Product Development) process, including:

  • Drive System design firm
  • Test labs
  • Certification institute
  • Final product design firm
  • Sourcing agents
  • Manufacturing factory
  • 3PL (Third Party Logistics)
  • After-sales agents
  • And yourself.
Talk to us about your individual requirements and how we can assist you with motor design and manufacture.


Each step in the design and development process represents an interface for information and physical products. Testing and design work can be separated, but the outcome gets much better and the loops will become smaller in terms of time and cost involved. Innovative products and services in particular need flexibility and agility during the product development process, to adopt learnings and pivot accordingly.


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October 10, 2022
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