Driving innovation through product co-design

Revisiting core customer needs to create a product that improves lives and has a sustained competitive advantage.

We partnered with a global food equipment manufacturer who was struggling to differentiate in their market. They were originally looking for our help with designing a new feature that would give them an edge against the competition. We undertook a customer-led sprint to establish how the machine should work as a whole, in order to develop a stronger point-of-difference that could be sustained long-term.

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Working through collaborative design-sprints, we were able to uncover the core customer benefits and requirements of this product – allowing for a new and improved machine that addressed the consistent issues their customers had with reliability, maintenance, and overall noise.

With our direct-drive motor technology, this machine is now more reliable, quieter and smarter. By looking beyond new features, we were also able to improve the product’s safety features – all delivered with a simplified product design.

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The approach and outcome enabled this brand to reposition as a leader in the market and get effective cut-through amongst the growing global competition.


Rob Keating

Rob is a content creator and copywriter for Fisher & Paykel Technologies. His work includes the Knowledge Hub, email, website and social media copy, along with customer communications.
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October 28, 2022
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