We co-design drive systems that focus on optimising and adapting data into value for you and your customers

We are Fisher & Paykel Technologies

We create smart, connected and customised drive systems that deliver value for manufacturers like you.

We do this through our expertise in combining sensing, adapting and system-level integration in our drive systems, our unique co-design methodology, and leveraging capabilities in global manufacturing, logistics and scale through the Haier Group. We aim to accelerate the future to improve peoples lives in various industries and markets.

At Fisher & Paykel Technologies we increase your competitive advantage through building a unique partnership, and create value-driven systems that will propel us into an innovative future.


Why work with us

Smart integrated drive systems

Our drive systems combine mechanical design, hardware, software, and data to create exclusive solutions for you and your customers. Our expertise in taking motor and sensor feedback then adapting and optimising system performance in real time makes for a truly smart system.

Data and connectivity

We harness the vast amounts of data created during product operation to optimise performance, enhance your customers experience and offer over-the-air updates by connecting to the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems.

Co-design methodology

We combine expert capabilities within our business to co-design, prototype, test and validate assumptions and ideas with real end users - creating smarter solutions for you and your customers' real world problems.

Manufacturing and scale

At Fisher & Paykel Technologies we manufacture at scale, making over 7 million motors a year as well as continuing investment in new and innovative technologies. As part of the Haier Group we leverage 10 R&D centers, 28 industrial parks and 122 manufacturing plants around the world.


Our legacy of innovation

We invented the first appliance, the Gentle Annie washing machine, in the world with a simplified, reliable direct drive motor with SmartDrive in 1992, paving the foundation for how we integrate drive systems and emerging technologies into diverse applications.

SmartAir for healthier air in Chinese homes

Our partnership with Haier to reinvent the range hood for Chinese markets resulted in an extraordinarily efficient appliance that provided healthier air quality for Chinese families through consumer-led research and engineering breakthrough.

Co-developing customised applications

We've created accelerated value for companies we partnered with, leveraging expert systems-level engineering to look at the entire value chain - creating differentiated and innovative drive systems for a diverse range of industries and manufacturers.

Want to find out more?

We work with a diverse range of industries and manufacturers from around the world.

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