Shaping markets, smarter systems through value creation

Design, create and deliver what really matters to your customers.

Deliver a better customer outcome. Gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Create and use customer and market insight as a basis for change...

Challenge the way your customers view their world and reveal a better way with a clear message that gets cut-through amongst the competition.

Validate the customer need, and then your solution

The only opinion that matters, is that of your customers. With you and your customers we rapidly co-design, build, test and iterate your design, giving you the validation you need to ensure that the solution you are building is the right way to solve the problem.

Improved customer outcomes, enabled by our system-led approach to innovation.

Some examples of our partnerships with manufacturers to design, develop and deliver products that will improve people’s lives.

Reinventing traditional manufacturing processes to produce a revolutionary outcome.

Using our Direct Drive Motor technology, here’s how we created the world’s most reliable, quiet and efficient washing machine.

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Ice cream machine

Enabling one manufacturer to achieve a stronger point of difference in a highly commoditized market.

How our systems-thinking approach has allowed one food-processing manufacturer to establish a genuine point of difference that retailers and end consumers care about.

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Building a strong product partnership to enable one brand to reposition as a market leader through long-term innovation.

The industrial pumps market was traditionally lacking in customer-focus and innovation. We partnered with one pump manufacturer who wanted to change that.

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Deliver sustainable differentiation with protected IP

Go beyond just feature development - design a better product that cannot be easily replicated by the competition, challenges the industry norm and delivers more value to your customers.


Increase your speed-to-market

By tapping into an established network where you can source the capabilities you need, you can increase your speed to market and innovate at pace with changing customer demands.


Gain access to world's largest innovation ecosystem

We help you access and leverage the right engineering talent and technology to create an industry-leading product, via the world’s largest network of innovators and problem solvers.


Achieve stronger manufacturing efficiency and scale

Leverage our network of manufacturing facilities, transport and procurement expertise to achieve global scale, greater buying power and increased reach - without the need to invest in supply chain or technology.