The world is changing at an exponential rate. We are here to lead the change through customer-focused, value-driven innovation.

At Fisher & Paykel Technologies we're driven by our purpose, 'accelerating the future to improve peoples lives'

We are a New Zealand born company with a truly global mindset. Our team originates from over 25 countries with a wide range of skills in over 60 industries.

But it doesn’t stop there. Collectively our diverse skills, capabilities and experiences are applied to your challenges and opportunities to design, manufacture and supply market leading solutions for today and tomorrow.

As part of the Haier Group since 2012, we leverage Haier's global scale, supply chain and logistics networks, as well as an incredible global innovation ecosystem.

Our accelerator ecosystem

Creating value through a combination of our 6 differentiative capabilities:

Creating customer-valued solutions

Early and continuous validation of value for you and the customer throughout the product development process.

-Ideation of solutions with minimal investment.

-Testing with end-users to gain valuable feedback from the beginning.

Combining capabilities

Combining and leveraging existing and emerging technologies in a truly innovative way to accelerate the future faster for us and our customers.

-Connecting our people to innovations within the wider Haier ecosystem so the right experts are in the right projects.

-Looking deep into our current capabilities and exploring ways we can accelerate these.

Entrepreneurial organisation

We challenge the status quo and accelerate the rate we innovate so we can revolutionise our organisation and capabilities.

-Educate, investigate and propose ways we can use moonshot ways of thinking in all processes.

-Being a disruptor in multiple industries and growing our capabilities at rapid rates through exposure to technical innovations and collaborations.  

Relentless value engineering

Through Relentless Value Engineering we minimise waste to deliver efficient end to end systems.

-Removing waste from processes that do not add value to the final solution, or the final customer, while optimising manufacturing processes and lines.

-Creating efficient systems through value stream mapping and collaboratively designing solutions early in the process.

Commercial insight

Uncovering previously unrecognised opportunities or insights that can bring differentiated value to you and your customers.

-Understanding our customers better and helping them make step-changes that solve their problems and uncover hidden issues.

-Design thinking alongside research and development that looks for real value in unique solutions rather than incremental changes.

Creating compelling experiences

Ensuring that FPT has a culture of customer centricity and employee empathy.

-Attracting the right people into our organisation and creating moments that matter to each and every one of us.

-Making sure each customer interaction is exceptional and effortless, through understanding the customer and what matters to them, the processes they use and adapting our ways of working to suit.  

We have an incredible team of experts, doing incredible things with technology

Broad engineering expertise

Systems architecture, ​electronic circuit design​, motor control systems, ​embedded software design​, mechanical engineering​, hardware engineering.

Data and connectivity

Digital experiences, ​IOT immersive experiences, ​cloud platforms, ​big data and analytics​, sensing and adapting technology.

Concepts and co-design

Consumer insights research, ​design methodology tools​, user centric design, ​concept development, ​rapid prototyping​.

Haier Global Network

An experienced team backed by leading IoT ecosystem brand and manufacturer, the Haier Group.

10 R&D Centers, 28 Industrial Parks, 122 Manufacturing Sites, 108 Marketing Centers,
160+ Countries and Regions

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