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Our team has experience with a broad range of tools that allow you to ideate, test and learn. It all starts with the problem you and your customers have.
Fisher & Paykel Technologies innovation process

Innovating for the future

With a focus on human centric design and smart technology, we’re here to change the future through modern innovation.

We're constantly seeking new ways to bring value to our customers and consumers, helping them to live a healthier and longer life. We do this by building infrastructures which connects software and hardware, resulting in a smart and intelligent product.

Technical expertise and experience form the foundations for innovation. To continue innovating, we constantly look to push the boundaries – explore and experiment - to see what’s possible. To imagine what might be, not simply what is. It is this mindset that drives our passion and build on existing technology, explore new methods, and seek new opportunities.


Our capabilities

Each product we build has its own requirements and needs, yet comprises of some of the following:

  • Broad engineering expertise. Over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing drive systems and sub-systems at scale. Our highly experienced engineering team covers systems architecture, electronic circuit design, motor control systems, embedded software design, mechanical engineering, hardware engineering.
  • Embedded motor controller software for precise feeling, experience in developing motors to operate on four quadrants and optimised for low noise and vibration.
  • Design for manufacturing know-how, focusing on achieving better products with lower cost and higher quality.
  • Digital capabilities. Specialising in digital and IoT immersive experiences, cloud platforms, big data and analytics, sensing and adapting technology.
  • Concepts and co-design. Your application can be fully customised to your exact specifications and requirements using consumer insights research, design methodology tools, user centric design, concept development, rapid prototyping.
  • Electronic hardware design, testing, approval, and leveraging of partners for manufacturing.
  • In-house IP attorney capabilities to protect new inventions.
  • Rapid prototyping and concept testing with labs in both New Zealand and China.
  • Manufacturing at scale. Manufacturing over 7 million motors per year, we can accommodate large scale requests. Backed by Haier Group (one of the world’s leading home appliance brands) and power of purchase with partners.

Steps we take toco-design, create & manufacture

Partnering with your business to co-design

Exploring your needs & creating unique concepts

Thorough testing process to innovatively develop

Developing bespoke, human centric solutions

Exploring options & trade-offs

Using the motor as a sensor, leveraging data in real-time

Developing a scalable manufacturing solution

Keeping quality high & costs competitive

Are you ready to innovate?

Regardless of where you are on your innovation journey, we are here to help you design, build, test, produce and manufacture your product.

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