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Innovating for the future

With a focus on human centric design and smart technology, we’re here to change the future through modern innovation.

We're constantly seeking new ways to bring value to our customers and consumers, helping them to live a healthier and longer life. We do this by building infrastructures which connects software and hardware, resulting in a smart and intelligent product.

Technical expertise and experience form the foundations for innovation. To continue innovating, we constantly look to push the boundaries – explore and experiment - to see what’s possible. To imagine what might be, not simply what is. It is this mindset that drives our passion and build on existing technology, explore new methods, and seek new opportunities.


Our Capabilities

With the ability to manufacture at scale and design labs in both New Zealand and China, our engineering and design expertise will give you the confidence to partner with us.  Wherever you are in the process, from innovation concept right through to manufacturing and delivery we have the technology, skills and know-how to accelerate your business into the future

Broad Engineering
Embedded Motor
Controller Software
Digital Capabilities
& Co-design
Electronic Hardware Design
Rapid Prototyping
Concept Testing
at Scale

Steps we take toco-design, create & manufacture

Fisher Paykel Technologies co-design process

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Regardless of where you are on your innovation journey, we are here to help you design, build, test, produce and manufacture your product.

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