Whatever your industry, we can develop smart drive solutions that bring value to your business and customers.

Home Appliances

From an innovative spirit in New Zealand homes since 1934 to a now global brand backed by Haier, we’re constantly shaping the future of appliance design and manufacturing.  With a deep understanding of human centric design, our technology is designed to make everyday life easier.  We bring design freedom to the home with a comprehensive suite of luxury appliances including cooking, laundry, dish care, and more.

Fitness Equipment

Using our smart motor technology, we've developed a new approach to strength training in the health and fitness industry.  With the combination of connected technologies in this industry, exercise can be more efficient, injuries reduced, and user engagement elevated, whilst supporting people to perform at their best at work and at home.

Micro E-Mobility

Electric transportation helps us to reduce climate damaging emissions and air pollution and is an industry that is experiencing immense growth. Drive systems are a core product of this industry. Whilst there are many off-the-shelf options, they can be limited by specific architecture including size, power, and performance. Our expertise with drive-systems, motor controllers and software allow us to customize solutions tailored to your customer needs, setting you apart from the rest.

Industrial & Commercial Equipment

Industrial equipment must be reliable, robust and easily maintainable. Many types of equipment used today still incorporate drive systems which have the potential to be vastly improved.   Our diverse team of engineers will work with you to redefine your existing technology to deliver competitive advantage.  Our smart, connected solutions for industrial equipment will deliver value to both your business and customers.

Garden Care

The garden care industry has gone through many changes over the years. The evolution of electric motors and batteries are replacing internal combustion engines which has improved the user experience with benefits such as reduced noise and weight, as well as minimizing environmental impact.  

Our challenge at Fisher & Paykel Technologies is how to move away from combustion engines, whilst also leveraging and redesigning electric and battery driven connectivity to provide more benefits for each product. We seek to reinvent and recreate rather than stay within the limitations of the past.

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Here at Fisher & Paykel Technologies we welcome the challenge of creating cutting-edge tailored solutions to drive competitive advantage for your business whatever your industry.
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