What is the best type of washing machine?

What is the best type of washing machine?

Despite many of today's modern washing machines offering a plethora of high-tech gadgetry and features, they are not all created equal. Some offer high efficiency, while others wash clothes more gently, some are energy saving and others can even be controlled remotely. The best washing machine is likely to be determined by the use for which it is intended and the consumer's needs and budget.  

With that in mind, a large number of factors could help to determine what constitutes the 'best' washing machine, such as efficiency, reliability, longevity, quietness, energy or water saving, and the list goes on. There are also factors such as whether machines are to be used in residential homes or rental properties, or commercial settings like laundromats or hotels, which can determine the 'best-in-class' status.  

A good washing machine will also depend on how well a company can design and manufacture it. There are numerous options available from manufacturers who will all have a host of features and benefits that claim theirs is the best, and one can research endless lists of the 'Top 10' best washing machines which are often based on differing sets of key criteria.  

Functional and technical parameters will need to be considered for an appliance to make the cut as the best washing machine, such as what torque and speed is required, along with basics like physical size and other constraints.  

So, with so many variables, how do we decide which machine is the best? Let's look at which machine might be the best in terms of what type of machine it is and its key purpose. As stated above, from there consumers may drill down to individual brands for best feature/benefit lists.  

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Top load washers - best for cost-effectiveness and usability.
Top load washing machines can be more user-friendly, ergonomically better and easier to use and are often cheaper than front loading machines. They are often a better choice for elderly people, or those who simply don't wish to constantly bend down to access a front-loading door.  

Front loading washers - best for efficiency and fabric care.
Front loaders are top of the class for efficiency, consuming significantly less power and water than their top loading counterparts. With most front loaders using a direct drive motor and without an agitator, they can provide more capacity than a top loader. Additionally, without agitator fins, the front loader's drum provides a gentler environment for clothes.

Washer and dryer combo - best for space saving.
A great option for apartments or anywhere where space is at a premium. Although not popular in some markets, this product definitely has a host of benefits and is best-in-class for space saving.  

Front and top loaders - best for washing two loads at once.
A combined front-loading machine with 'Addwash' (or similar) feature and a smaller, top loading machine. These large capacity machines can handle big family washing loads and can wash two loads at the same time. High energy and water efficiency and Wi-Fi enabled.  

Compact washers - best for RV's or boats.
Compact 3kg top loading washing machines can be ideal for caravans, motorhomes or boats. Effectively a smaller, portable version of a home machine.  

Manual washers - best for developing countries.
These machines are predominantly used in developing countries where many families do not have access to electric washing machines. Brilliant manual devices developed to eliminate hours of hand washing clothes.  

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Whilst it is difficult to ascertain which washing machine is the 'best', we can break it down into which type of machine is the best for the individual or business consumer, and then base it on what features and benefits it provides to that consumer. In our opinion, the best washing machine (or any appliance for that matter) is one that meets the needs and expectations of the consumer, is superior quality and long lasting, plus being as cost-effective and efficient as possible.  


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October 10, 2022
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