Purposeful technology that makes our homes healthier

Innovating where it matters most

At F&P TECH, we make the future accessible, to enrich people’s lives today.

Our world class team of engineers, designers and technicians evaluate deliberately and profoundly, to re-imagine what is possible. We innovate where it matters most to you and your own unique culture, no matter where or how you live, to offer technologically sophisticated products that are practical for everyone to use in everyday life.

Working alongside our appliance partners, we research the possibilities, solve complex problems, and then put that sophisticated technology solution into the products of world-leading brands. And ultimately, at your fingertips.

Purposeful technology to improve our lives.

As we know, the main purpose of the rangehood is to extract all the smoke, grease and bad smells that are generated during cooking. These pollutants are not healthy for us, nor especially nice at a time when the family gets together to share a meal.

In partnership with Haier, we undertook significant research into the effects of cooking in your home – research that led our world-class engineering team to focus on ways to solve the extraction problem that all rangehoods share:

How your rangehood is installed.

Installation conditions dramatically affect the real in-home performance of rangehoods. Depending on the layout of your home, even the most powerful rangehoods on the market can extract poorly, particularly in the lower levels of apartment buildings.

The extraction rate must be in balance.

If it is too high, the rangehood extracts too much air from your home, counteracting the effort of your heat pump or air purifiers and using extra power. Too low, and smoke and oil are left behind creating unhealthy air.

What if you had a rangehood that…

Adapts to perform in any home

Extracts all smoke, grease and smells

Is balanced to keep good air indoors

Adapts to perform in any home

Extracts all smoke, grease and smells

Is balanced to keep good air indoors

With our focus on promoting healthy comfortable air, we developed our SmartAir series of rangehood technologies, giving precise extraction control of hot smoke and fumes unique to your cooking style. The perfect extraction rate is achieved, no matter where, or how your rangehood is installed.

These revolutionary designs for a very powerful and adaptive motor with precise and intelligent control technology to ensure your home retains its healthy balance, are now available in Casarte’s SmartAir rangehood series.

A unique blend of engineering talent

At F&P TECH we are fortunate to have a broad team of diverse engineering talent working together to focus on redefining the rangehood appliance.

Our top tier team brings skills from mechanical design to aerodynamics and intelligent software together with hands-on builders and testers. With Casarte, we co-developed a radical new approach to kitchen smoke extraction. The result is a technologically advanced product that optimises healthy air in your home in an easy to use, practical design.

“This unique blend of engineers was inspired by an early insight from consumer research, making clear that there was a huge opportunity to take a fresh approach to the rangehood market with a meaningful redefinition of the problem we are trying to solve.  I’m proud of what we have achieved to make the kitchen a healthier environment for families.” – Rolf Koole, Chief Engineer and Team Leader

Born in New Zealand

We are F&P TECH, born out of Fisher & Paykel, innovators of home appliances in New Zealand since 1934. Now a world leader in appliance innovation, Fisher & Paykel introduced revolutionary products such as the DishDrawer™ Dishwasher and SmartDrive™ technology in their washing machines.

Fisher & Paykel is today a global company with operations in over in 50 countries, while F&P TECH has its manufacturing facility in China and its headquarters in New Zealand.

F&P TECH believes that technology should make our lives not only easier, but better. That is why we are on a mission to create purposeful technology that helps us all to live more comfortably and restore balance and harmony in our homes.

This is just the start of our journey to revolutionize rangehoods and other appliances for Chinese homes, so watch this space!