Our direct drive motors are designed to be efficient, quiet and reliable. With 30 years of experience in magnetic design and electric drive development we design and manufacture Direct Drive Motors of world leading quality.

The last 30 years we have improved our direct drive motor concept and this continuous improvement has led to optimal use of material – promising high efficiency, low noise and sophisticated variable speed capability.

Using our proprietary tools, we can customize our direct-drive motors to fit your specifications, requirements and needs, creating an optimal drive solution for you. They can be used in a wide range of products including washing machines, fans & blowers, water pumps, hydraulic pumps, ceiling fans, and industrial mixers.

Direct Drive Range

Max torque
speed (rpm)
MB 45T4533.214007.516.530512.0
MA 35M3122.911004.810.627610.8
MB 30W3122.914005.91330512.0
MB 30H2619.216005.411.930512.0
MB 23G2317.016004.59.930512.0
MB 19H2317.016004.49.730512.0
MB 17G1914.016003.78.230512.0
MF 08A85.912002.35.31877.4
MF 06A64.412002.04.41877.4
MF 05A53.712001.861877.4

All our motors are customizable, contact us for more information