Our Air-Moving Motors have an integrated motor controller and can be used to drive fans or blowers in both indoor and outdoor applications. We have designed our Air Moving-Motors to be extremely quiet, efficient and intelligent, with a focus on more consumer comfort.

The flexible design of our Air-Moving Motors is easily adapted to your specific needs and requirements. In addition, we can integrate new smart features, such as Air Flow and Back Pressure Measurement.

James Hammond, Chief Engineer Air Conditioning Motors explains more about the air moving motor’s concept. Read: ‘Smart Air Moving’ to learn more about this solution.

Air-Moving Motors Range

Speed (rpm)
Output (W)
MH 1.5R21002002.756.061435.63
MH 0.4Z1900680.851.87923.62
MH 0.3Z2000930.751.65923.62
MH 0.2Z2100660.691.52923.62

All our motors are customizable, find out what we can do for you application by emailing us.