We can optimize our motors and controllers to your specific needs

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Our Motor Controllers are an important part of our drive solutions

Our motor controllers deliver high performance and smart operation through Sensorless Control. They continuously monitor motor performance and adapt the drive parameters to deliver optimal operation.

Our direct drive motors are designed to be efficient, quiet and reliable. With 30 years of experience in magnetic design and electric drive development, we design and manufacture Direct Drive Motors of world leading quality. Over time, we have improved our direct drive motor concept and this continuous improvement has led to optimal use of material – promising high efficiency, low noise and sophisticated variable speed capability.

DD Motor
HVAC Motor

Our HVAC Motors have an integrated motor controller and can drive fans or blowers for indoor and outdoor HVAC applications. We have designed them to be quiet, efficient and intelligent, with a focus on improved consumer comfort.

Our high-speed motors have an internal rotor and operate up to 17,000 rpm. They are typically used for front loader washing machines, yet are suitable for other applications requiring high speed.

BLDC Motor with permanent magnet rotor
Appliance Pump

Appliance pumps are used in laundry and dishwashing applications. Their slim design, smart technology and variable speed capability provide control over flow rates, pressure and suds reduction.