Fisher & Paykel’s heritage dates to the 1930’s. The pioneering spirit established by the founders encouraged a culture that challenged conventional appliance design and production systems.

Fisher & Paykel developed knowledge of electronic drive systems from designing proprietary flexible manufacturing equipment in the 1980’s. That knowledge was extended to the invention of the first Direct Drive Motor and smart control system for washing machines, a true innovation for the laundry industry.

Our direct drive motor was fundamental to the development of the world’s first gearbox-free washing machine – a highly reliable, quiet and controllable washer. The smart control system enabled the washing machine to sense each load to achieve optimal washing performance and save water.

Nowadays, Fisher & Paykel Technologies is an expert in motor and control development, with more than 30 years of experience in magnetic design, control development and system integration. We are committed to deliver ongoing development and integration of electric drive systems.

One of our biggest milestones was in 2015, when we opened our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in China. The 28,500sqm fully automated manufacturing facility enables us to produce six million motors per year. In addition, six million motor controllers with Fisher & Paykel Technologies design and software are produced every year.

Since the 1980’s, we have invested in research and development and we will continue doing so. We will keep innovating drive technology and offering our customers inventive solutions that make a difference for their products.


We are product innovators, our ideas go further than drive solutions.

We strive to exceed the status-quo and help our customer develop products with new smart features, better efficiency and better performance. We deliver product innovation using our years of experience in magnetic drives, out-of-the-box thinking and advanced technology.

Our key strength is that we do not just work from a spec, we seek to thoroughly understand our customers’ product and critical success factors. We take our customers’ future aspirations in consideration when we develop a new drive solution for their product and collaboratively create a solution that will provide enduring competitive advantages. Our team members from all over the world work hard to deliver premium drive solutions and support our customers. Our international character embodies our open company culture and flexible mind-set to solving design challenges.